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2018 Summer 

It's looking to be a record breaking hot summer this year! With more sunshine means more outdoor activities and adventures. As we enjoy this summer please remember to take your toothbrush and floss on those camping trips and travels far away. It's easy to neglect brushing and flossing when we're having too much fun. But remember those acids in our mouth are working 24/7 and those cavity bugs never sleep!  So be sure to brush and floss before bedtime to prevent tooth decay.

Also during those hot summer days it's easy to pick up a bowl of ice cream or that ice cold beverage. But let's get sugar smart and reduce our sugar intake for improved overall health.

One of the biggest source of sugar intake is sugary drinks. Did you know 30% of the sugar in a child's diet comes from carbonated beverages, juice drinks, smoothies, and energy drinks?

How much is too much?

4-6 years -    5 cubes of sugar max or 19 grams

7-10 years - 6 cubes of sugar max or 24 grams

11+ years -  7 cubes of sugar or max 30 grams

Wow 30 grams! That's 9 grams less that a can of coke! A cup of milk has 13 grams and a banana has about 14 grams. No wonder there seems to obesity and diabetes in the United States. Well it seems as though avoiding total sugar intake may not be possible but being smart about how much we take in is a great place to start!

So next time it's hot outside consider picking up an ice cold glass of water instead of that carbonated sugary drink! Stay safe and healthy this summer!

Best Regards,

Dr. Lee and Staff

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